COVID-19 Response & 20-01 Tech Project Call

Updates from the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM) 


March 17, Pittsburgh, PA

Dear ARM Community,

In accordance with CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 and with an abundance of caution, ARM staff will be working remotely to the greatest extent possible. We have an excellent telecommuting infrastructure in place. We will evaluate our workplace situation as the health crisis evolves, with a forecast of maintaining remote operations through at least April.

In response to the inevitable evolution in our members’ collective work environments over the next couple of weeks, we will be modifying the process and due dates for the 20-01 Technology Project Call. Please see the sections below for more information about these revisions. If the COVID-19 crisis leads to a need for further rescheduling, we will inform the ARM Community of such changes as soon as possible

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to make community health our priority! As always, you can send any concerns to [email protected]


To accommodate our members’ changing work environments, we have publicly released a “Draft-2” of our 20-01 Technology Project Call. In this draft, we have pushed back our due dates by approximately 30 days, with a planned final proposal due date of May 20. This draft and its corresponding draft templates are available here.

We plan to release a final version of this call and templates on or about April 16. Around this time, we will determine if another extension is necessary.


We will still host our public webinar on March 17 at 2 PM ET, during which we will detail the call content, process for submitting a proposal, changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and allow time for Q&A. All registrants will automatically receive a recording of the webinar.

Note: This project call features an increase from 8 to 12 topic areas with five newly identified market opportunities.

The Draft 2 Technology Project Call and our webinar will be publicly available, but you must be an ARM Member to submit a project proposal. Email [email protected] to learn more.


The ARM Member network is critical to the success of our projects, bridging gaps between industry, academia, and government to facilitate more effective collaboration. Use the Members tab in the Community to find and connect with potential teammates. You can search by organization name, area of expertise, location, and other fields. Also be sure to update your profile so that you’re searchable.

In addition to digital project-teaming, the Community is also our proposal submission platform. Email [email protected] if you do not have login information or need help using the Community.

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