Note: Submissions have closed for this project call. 

Our fall 2017  Education and Workforce Development Project Call priorities were drawn from member feedback, several roadmapping workshops throughout 2017, and third-party research.

Education and Workforce Development – Fall 2017 Project Call

Apprenticeship Programs (ARM-EDW-17-02)

Develop apprenticeship programs that respond to specific needs of small and medium manufacturers (SMMs) in robotics and automation.
Development of apprenticeship programs to address the needs of SMMs is identified as a critical component to ensure a continued skilled pipeline of workers into industries that depend on advanced manufacturing to remain competitive. These apprenticeship programs have characteristics such as paid training opportunities and work-based learning that complement course-based workforce development programs. The goal of this topic is to create sustainable apprenticeship programs that specifically incorporate “earn and learn” training opportunities in robotics and automation technologies. Such programs may be customized to regional workforce needs, while ideally being extensible for adoption nationwide.


Each project has a minimum of 1:1 cost sharing (2:1 cost sharing is preferred). A typical award would have a budget of $200,000 in federal funding over 12 months (e.g., with 2:1 cost sharing, this means a $600,000 total budget). However, smaller project sizes and durations will be considered. Successful proposals will clearly identify project deliverables and the benefit to other ARM Institute members.

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