19-01 Tech project call

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ARM 19-01 Technology Project Call

We are pleased to announce our first project call of 2019. Click here to view the recording of our webinar from February 28, which went into detail about the project call content and how to submit concept papers. You can also download the slides here.

Please note: You must be an ARM member to submit a proposal for this project call. To learn more about membership, click here.

Questions and More Information

Members should submit any project questions into the ARM Member Community. Non-members with questions are welcome to email [email protected].

Project Call FAQ

  • If one of the members listed in our proposal is unable to become a member by the full proposal submission deadline, is the project disqualified or executed on a smaller scale?

ARM will recognize the integrity and validity of proposer team arrangements provided that the lead proposer (PI) on the project proposal submission is a current Platinum, Gold, Silver or University/Non-Profit Core ARM member. Other organizations participating as project team members on the project proposal submission must be current ARM members by the full proposal submission deadline. If the other participants cannot become members by that date, the PI should find a suitable replacement and inform ARM of this replacement.

  • Do I need to have my full proposal team finalized by the concept paper submission date?

No, you may make changes to your proposal team between the time of the concept paper submission and full proposal submission. Note however, that if the evaluators invited a full proposal partially on the strength of the team offered in the concept paper, a different team in the full proposal may not be scored as highly.

  • What category does a small business fall under or can they not submit a proposal?

An organization must be at one of these membership levels to be the LEAD (PI) on a proposal – Platinum, Gold, Silver or University/Non-Profit Core ARM member. Please see the Project Call Document, found on the ARM Member Community or the Project section of the ARM website (www.arminstitute.org) for more information. It is important for lower tier members to know they may, and are expected to, team with upper tier members. Members should log into the ARM Community and use the Members tab to search our directory. Also on this page, you can download a list of Stakeholder contacts for each member organization. Please note that this information is confidential and should not be shared with non-members.

  • Can project teams currently working on other ARM awarded project propose on this project call?


  • Is there a template for the concept paper?

There is no downloadable template for the concept paper, but there are guidelines regarding formatting and page limits detailed in our project call document. There is, however, a template for your budget worksheet, which can be downloaded on the ARM Member Community.

  • Who will be reviewing/scoring the concept papers?

Concept papers determined eligible and complete will proceed for a full evaluation by evaluators who are subject matter experts and independent of all teams submitting concept papers.

  • The project call required proposal team must contain at least one industry organization. Is this industry organization also required to be an ARM member?


  • How can the federal money be spent? (i.e., program administration, equipment and supplies?)

The federal money must be spent on tasks aligned to execution of the proposed project and must be spent according to the guidelines prescribed by the federal government.

For-Profit Members are to comply with the cost principles in 48 CFR Parts 31 and 231 as defined here – https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?tpl=/ecfrbrowse/Title48/48tab_02.tpl

Institutes of Higher Education or Nonprofit Members are to comply with the cost principles in

Subpart E of 2 CFR Part 200 as defined here – https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?node=2:

  • What metrics are you looking for in a successful project?

Appropriate metrics depend on the details of the statement of work and deliverables for each proposed project. We provide some suggestions in each of the project calls, but the proposer team should prescribe their metrics, justify them, and show how one is working toward them.

  • If an ARM member has a unique tech partner or is aware of one, must they be a member to participate if the member manages and funds their activity in the project call?

Yes, they must be an ARM member by the full proposal date.

  • Once we submit the concept paper, is it possible to add other industry partners for the full proposals? Or are we bound to only have the partners mentioned in the concept papers?

Yes, you may make changes to your proposal team between the time of the concept paper submission and full proposal submission. Note however, that if the evaluators invited a full proposal partially on the strength of the team offered in the concept paper, a different team in the full proposal may not be scored as highly.

  • Can travel be included in the budget?

As indicated in the supplied cost template spreadsheet, travel costs required for the project must be included in the budget. Travel to ARM project review meetings, estimated at twice per year, should be budgeted. This travel may be included in the budget as cost share.

  • Is a third-party integrator permitted in the proposal as a service provider?

If the third party is truly providing a service (or supplying a product or a part), then they do not have to be a member. However, if they are collaborating with the team in any way to respond to the proposal, then they must be a member. Additionally, any IP that is created under the project by the third party must come under the ownership of the project team and therefore available to ARM members according to the Membership Policies.

  • Where can I find a list of ARM members that I can team with for my project call proposal?

ARM members can find other members by logging into the ARM Member Community and clicking on the Members tab. There is also a PDF of ARM Member Stakeholder contacts available for download on the Members page in the ARM Community. Please note that this information is confidential and should not be shared with non-members.

  • How do ARM start-up members connect/apply to be involved in projects?

Start-up members can participate in projects by building a team with a lead proposer (PI) who is at one of the following membership levels – Platinum, Gold, Silver or University/Non-Profit Core ARM member. Please log into the ARM Member Community to access our directory and a list of members.

  • Can government national labs and FFRDCs be included as team members on a proposed project?

Proposed relationships or interactions with federal government entities can be included in a concept paper or full proposal. However, no budget for these entities should be included in the ARM funding, and federal funds cannot count toward cost share. Any approved projected costs for government national labs or FFRDCs would most likely be funded separately through the government under a CRADA or similar instrument.

  • What is the anticipated number of awards per topic?

The number of project awards and federal funding amount allocated to this Project Call will be determined based on the quality and quantity of proposals received. It is not pre-determined per topic. ARM reserves the right to select all, some, one, or none of the submitted full proposals for award negotiations.

  • Can money from the state or another grant be counted towards our cost matching?

Yes, and please include these expected amounts and sources in your concept paper as it will aid in the determination of awardees. Federal grants and other federal awards are not allowable as cost match; however, such awards may be listed as leverage in the proposal.

  • Will you award funding for each of the project call topics?

Not necessarily, as it depends upon the quality of the proposals. ARM reserves the right to select all, some, one or none of the submitted full proposals for award negotiations. It is not based on a predetermined number per topic, but on the quality and quantity of proposals received.

  • Are there any limitations about how many topics we can submit for concept papers for same group?

There is no limitation on any organization; you can submit as many concept papers as you wish.

  • Will a proposal be given preference if it has a higher cost share ratio?

Cost and cost share are not scored but will be considered as part of the overall value proposition of the proposal. The higher the cost share ratio, the higher the overall value proposition of the proposal.

  • Do cost matching funds need to be unique? That is, can you count the same dollars as cost share for membership and for a project?

Yes, the cost share for a project can cover the cost share required by the membership. For example, if your organization was given a $500K project award, the minimum cost share would be $500K. This could also be used to cover the required cost share for the membership level.

  • Are stipends during training an allowed cost?

They are allowable, but not recommended. Initial funding should help create the program. Ongoing expenses such as wages need to have their own funding stream to maintain a sustainable and potentially scalable project. Such stipends may be counted as cost share, if they follow the ARM cost share guidelines.

  • We would like to offer one of our manufacturing facilities as the testbed for an ARM project, which includes setting up the project there, performing the experiments, and the final demonstration. Does this contribution of providing the facility counts towards the cost share?

Use of facilities, including use of space, equipment and associated resources directly on the project can be counted as cost share, in accordance with the ARM cost share guidelines and that meet the requirements of 32 CFR §37.530. Likewise, facilities and administration costs that are embedded within the proposer’s indirect costs or fees can count towards cost share. If embedded F&A costs are counted as cost share, those costs then cannot be double-counted also as direct costs.

  • Can federal dollars be budgeted to purchase equipment?

Federal dollars for projects through ARM cannot be used to purchase equipment.

  • Do we need a commitment letter from the industry partners for the cost match at the concept paper stage? The RFP requires the letters for the proposal, but there is no mention for the concept papers.

Commitment letters from team partners are not required at the concept paper stage. However, the cost and cost share estimate should be based on a clear commitment from the team partners to be positioned for a full proposal.

  • If a member overshoots their total cost share commitment in a given year, would that overage be able to be used to defray the following year’s obligation?

Yes, you can roll your accrued cost share forward once your commitment is met in a given year if you do not double count the cost share.

  • What are the indirect cost percentages for ARM proposals? Do indirect costs apply to the ARM budget?

Yes, federally approved indirect costs apply to project budgets submitted to ARM. Indirect rates of the specific organization is doing the work apply, regardless of whether they are a lead or a subcontractor on the project team. You should contact your organization’s business manager to obtain the correct indirect rate. For some organizations, such as universities, the federally approved rates depend on the source of funding. Since the source of funding of ARM is through the U.S. Department of Defense, the appropriate indirect cost rate will be a federal DoD-funded project rate.

  • Is there a way to formally request ARM Community logins for PIs who don’t currently have access? 
  • Yes, please email [email protected] with your request. 
  • Is there a role for the Regional Collaboratives (RCCs) in the project call process?

Absolutely! The Regional Collaboratives are encouraged to help share information about our project call process with interested teams in their regions, and help members form teams to respond to the project call. All the information needed to share our project call can be found at www.arminstitute.org/projects.

  • What does CDIP stand for?

CDIP stands for Consortium-Developed IP. See the question below for more information about CDIP.

  • Could you talk more about IP, especially software. What rights does a member company have to software created for a project call? What rights do other members have? Does a member company have to release source code to other members?

The IP rights are explained in detail in the ARM Membership Policies document that you received upon membership and whose terms are agreed to by all ARM member organizations. Please refer to Section 3. Consortium-Developed IP includes source code developed within an ARM-funded project. For cases such as background IP involved in an ARM-funded project, then the sub-award may include an IP management plan, negotiated between the team and ARM.