10 Reasons to Attend the Member Meeting: #10 Tech Break-Out

Note: Registration closes for our Member Meeting on Oct 28. Participation is complimentary and open to members only but pre-registration is required. Log into the Community or email [email protected] to register.

We’re less than two weeks away from our National Member Meeting and our final reason to attend focuses on our Tech Break-Out on November 7. This session is concurrent with our Education & Workforce Development break-out so member organizations are encouraged to send at least two participants in order to have full representation at the meeting.

Reason #10 to Attend: Technology Break-Out Session

Technology Investment Strategy Document

Our tech break-out will center on a conversation about our recently drafted Technology Investment Strategy, which was drafted with the help of the ARM Technology Advisory Committee and will be released just prior to the Member Meeting. This document outlines where our technology strategy is going, as well as where we started. You’ll learn how our project calls fit into the larger strategy of asserting US leadership in manufacturing and why your involvement and buy-in is critical. This break-out will allow you to ask questions about the document, provide input into this draft, and shape the final document, which will help to guide ARM technical activities moving forward.

Shape our next Project Call

On a project call note, your conversation in the break-out will be instrumental in shaping our next technology project call. Help us prioritize issues and learn what’s important to you. ARM is a member-driven organization and we depend on you to help inform and guide our project calls.

Meet the new ARM Tech Staff

ARM Chief Technology Officer 

Meet our first full-time CTO at the Member Meeting! Stay tuned for our formal announcement on Monday.

Dr. Chuck Brandt – Deputy Director, Technology Programs.

Dr. Brandt will support the creation and implementation of ARM’s technology investment strategy. Dr. Brandt will also assist the CTO in prescribing ARM-issued project calls and implementing strategies for managing the consortium-developed intellectual property derived from project results. Read more about his background here.

Dr. Burak Ozdoganlar – Chief Scientist

Formerly our interim CTO, Dr. Ozdoganlar will stay on the ARM team as our Chief Scientist. In this role, he will continue to inform and advise upon ARM activities. Read more about his background here.

More About the Annual ARM Member Meeting

With ample project team activities, critical information about upcoming and active ARM project calls, the announcement of new member benefits, and more, this our National Member Meeting is the cornerstone event for our membership. Click here to view the full agenda or email [email protected] to learn more.


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