Innovating Industrial Robotics Technology and Education through Collaborative Projects

ARM Members Drive Our Projects

Projects are the lifeblood of ARM. Through government funding and other sources, we fund multiple projects each year to meet our operational goals of accelerating the use of industrial robots in U.S. manufacturing and and helping to increase the pool of skilled labor to interact with and manage the robots.

Our Process

The first stage of the process is the Project Call, in which ARM defines the specific challenge we are seeking to address. We have dedicated Calls for technology and education/workforce development projects to address both critical gaps in the manufacturing sector.

In response to the Project Call, Investigators submit concept papers outlining their proposed project. We select our projects through a process that includes review from government sponsors, ARM technical staff, Technical Advisory Committee, and other members with expertise in the proposal’s subject matter. After a peer review of the concept paper, many project teams are invited to the full proposal stage which features the submission of more detailed information followed by a final round of review.

From there, the positively reviewed proposals move to the selected phrase, during which they begin contract negotiations. Once negotiations are complete, the projects are considered active and begin having regular communications with our project management team.