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The ARM Institute convenes a robust national ecosystem of experts spanning industry, government, and academia to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. Learn more about working with our 400+ member organization consortium, and how you can join our robotics manufacturing institute.

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Program Management

The ARM Institute has managed more than 80 multi-team projects that address critical needs in U.S. manufacturing. Learn how you can leverage our robotics manufacturing institute’s   program management expertise.

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Workforce Development

The ARM Institute makes training for robotics careers in advanced manufacturing more accessible and demystifies potential career pathways. Find your role in building the workforce of the future.

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Technology Development

ARM Institute Members work with the Institute to create the future of U.S. manufacturing through technology development, specifically robotics and AI. Learn how you can work with us to drive the technology advancements critical to our nation’s competitiveness, security, and resiliency.

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ARM Institute Vision

The ARM Institute leads the way to a future where people and robots work together to respond to our nation’s greatest challenges and to develop and produce the world’s most desired products by:

  • Creating a nationwide group of elite manufacturing, academic, technology and government organizations that share the common mission of a robust U.S. manufacturing ecosystem
  • Accomplishing work that develops, scales-up, and commercializes key enabling technologies for manufacturing and the overall supply chain
  • Building a repository of industrial robotics solutions, applications and information
  • Developing a national, standardized framework for robotics careers
  • Establishing a repository of best-in-class workforce training and education programs, resources, and pathways
  • Enabling networking activities among stakeholders that encourage innovation through research activities, outreach, and diffusion
  • Forming collaborations with other Manufacturing Innovation Institutes that leverage the intersections and convergences in our missions

The ARM Institute Mission

The ARM Institute accelerates the development and adoption of innovative robotics technologies that are the foundation of every advanced manufacturing activity today and in the future. We leverage a unique, robust and diverse ecosystem of partners across industry, academia and government to:

  • Make robotics, autonomy, and artificial intelligence more accessible to U.S. Manufacturers large and small
  • Strengthen our economy and global competitiveness
  • Train and empower the manufacturing workforce
  • Elevate our national security and resilience


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