ARM Institute-Funded Education & Workforce Development Projects

Working with our members, we have catalyzed impactful workforce projects, ranging from apprenticeship programs that target veterans and underrepresented populations to training aimed at attracting younger generations to manufacturing careers. ARM Institute-funded Education & Workforce Development Projects aim to the size, diversity, and skills of the US manufacturing workforce in preparation to work with emerging robotics, automation, and AI technologies.

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Launched in May 2021 and funded through support from the Department of Defense, is a national workforce capability powered by the ARM Institute. Millions of manufacturing jobs are at risk of going unfilled in the coming years due to a historic skills gap. brings much needed awareness to these roles, the skills needed, the importance of these jobs, and more to support students and workers at each stage of their career. supports:

Education & Job Seekers

Individuals of all experience levels can match to training programs, jobs, and internships that match their unique goals.

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Education & Training Programs provides needed awareness for training programs for robotics careers in manufacturing. From micro-credentials to PhD programs, highlights training from across the nation. Reach students by listing your program for free today.

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Manufacturers & Employers

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Manufacturing Careers Working with Robotics

Understand the types of robotics jobs in manufacturing and the training needed.

Training programs, jobs, and internships listed on align with the ARM Institute’s defined robotics career paths and the skills needed for these careers. These careers, descriptions, and associated skills have been validated through the ARM Institute’s collaboration with industry, government, and academia.

Entry Level Jobs: Operate & Repair

Entry-level robotics roles focus on the day-to-day operation and maintenance of robots on the manufacturing floor. Many current manufacturing workers can easily adapt to this role when provided adequate training. Job titles under this level can include Robotics Technician, Robotics Operator, and others.

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Mid-Level Roles: Program

Mid-level roles feature workers who are subject matter experts on robotic systems on the manufacturing floor and are responsible for proposing upgrades to the systems that can increase productivity. These positions require more robotics training than the entry-level roles. Job titles within this level can include: Robotics Specialist, Robotics Engineer, and others.

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Experienced Roles: Plan

Experienced roles, centered on planning robotics and automation, feature workers who understand how applying robotics to the manufacturing floor benefits their operations and will evaluate, design, and implement plans for areas ripe for automation. Job titles under this role may include Robotics Integrator, Robotics Application Development Engineer, and others.

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ARM Endorsement

Recognizing Top Tier Training Programs

The ARM Endorsement program was created and conceptualized through the ARM Institute’s 300+ member national consortium, giving equal voice to the need of manufacturers, education providers, and government stakeholders. The Endorsement program is a rigorous evaluation process at the program level using the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the Industry
  • Effective Curriculum
  • Efficiency of the Training
  • Impact of the Program
  • Program Sustainability
  • Transportability

Endorsed programs receive priority listing on Find a list of Endorsed Programs here.

Endorsed ARM Programs