We work with manufacturers large and small to identify and provide solutions for the issues inhibiting their growth and competitiveness. From there, we build Technology Roadmaps that influence our Project Calls and other initiatives to find, fund and catalyze solutions.

Robotics, AI, & Automation Suppliers

Automation, specifically robotics, is the key enabler that will revitalize U.S manufacturing and strengthen the Defense Industrial Base. We work across the spectrum of robotics suppliers – from start-ups and smaller suppliers to large robot manufacturers and robotics integrators. Each group plays a critical part in our ecosystem, and these suppliers often partner with manufacturing consortium members to solve today’s challenges.

The Department of Defense & Other Government Entities

As a Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) part of the Manufacturing USA network, the ARM Institute works across government organizations from the Department of Defense, Department of Labor, and Department of Commerce to state and local governments, MEPs, and other organizations to enable innovation and economic growth.

Universities, Community Colleges, Non-Profits & Workforce Training Organizations

Tapping into the next generation of roboticists to solve the problems of the future is critical. Universities and community colleges collaborate within the ARM Institute Consortium on projects that advance U.S. manufacturing. We also bring critical attention to their training programs through, our national workforce resource that connects education seekers with training for manufacturing careers working with robotics. Plus, organizations with training programs can apply for ARM Endorsement. Learn more about our full suite of workforce capabilities here.

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