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Robotics Manufacturing Hub

The Robotics Manufacturng Hub helps small and medium-sized manufacturers in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region:

  • Evaluate their operations
  • Explore if robotics will improve productivity
  • Prototype solutions without a commitment to installation
  • Select solutions that offer the highest return on investment
  • Understand how robotics can augment workforce gaps
  • Manage the impact of robotics on their workforce

The Robotics Manufacturing Hub leverages the ARM Institute’s Mill 19 facility in Pittsburgh’s Hazelwood neighborhood to prototype solutions and demonstrate proofs-of-concept at no-cost for small and medium sized manufacturers.

This program is provided at no-cost. Learn if you qualify here.

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Students stand around a robotics instructor at the CCAC Makerspace

Regional Makerspaces

Also through the Southwestern Pennsyvlania Region’s Build Back Better Challenge grant, the ARM Institute is managing and has awarded $6M in funding to four regional makerspaces. These Makerspaces are:

This funding helps to build upon existing capabilities within the Makerspaces, enhance their equipment and offerings, and make their services more readily available. The services offered through each Makerspace are unique. Through the grant, the ARM Institute will advise the Makerspaces and help to expand the scope of their services to benefit small and medium-sized manufacturers and manufacturing entrepreneurs.

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To learn more about the Robotics Manufacturing Hub or the Makerspaces, email us at [email protected].