Connecting Digitally with ARM Staff & Members

ARM Members are located across the nation, bridging various gaps to collaborate and connect in order to strengthen the US industrial base. Because we’re a national membership-based consortium, we already have a strong technical infrastructure in place to allow our members to seamlessly connect with us and other members from anywhere at any time.

Below, check out a few tools we have available to help you continue connecting during a time when our work places continue to evolve and rely on remote connections.

ARM Member Community

Start a Discussion

There are countless ways to connect with our ecosystem of experts in the ARM Member Community! You can start a general discussion on one of our discussions pages. You can also connect with specific members using our members tab, where you can search by company, physical location, area of expertise, and other criteria. The groups tab is another way to connect with people interested in the same topics.

Access Research

Access whitepapers, use cases, and other pieces of research in the ARM Exchange, our knowledge-sharing component in the Member Community. Check out our member-contributed section and let us know if you are interested in submitting research for publication.

Explore our Projects

Use the projects tab in Community to access member exclusive information about our projects, including videos, reports, and more! You can also ask questions about the projects using the chat function on each project page.

Log into the ARM Member Community here. Don’t have a login? Email [email protected] and we’ll get you set-up!

Start Working on Your 20-01 Technology Project Proposal

We publicly released a “Draft-2” version of our 20-01 Technology Project Call on March 17. This second draft has adjusted due dates to better accommodate our members’ evolving work environments. Log into the Member Community and visit the Active Project Calls tab to download the Draft-2 Project Call document, our templates, access our webinar presentation and recording, and more. You can also search for possible team members using the members tab.

Participate in our Members-Only Webinar Series

Each month, we host a members-only webinar centered on content in the ARM Exchange. Our March webinar will feature a presentation on the whitepaper Back to the Future: OJT, Standardized Work Programs Boost Manufacturing Competitiveness submitted by Tooling U-SME. Register here.

Thank you for your support!

Most importantly, stay safe. This is a surreal time, but engaging digitally can make us all feel a little less alone and even provides different opportunities for knowledge-sharing. In times of great adversity, we’re reminded of the importance of collaboration as we all work together to strengthen our nation.

Thank you for your continued support. As always, if you have any concerns, please reach out to [email protected]

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