ARM on the Future Grind Podcast

Suzy Teele, ARM Head of Marketing & Communications, appeared on the Future Grind podcast to discuss the ARM mission, our projects, and how robotics and automation will help human workers.

In this installment of the Future Grind podcast host Ryan O’Shea speaks with Suzy Teele, the Head of Marketing and Communications for the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute, also known as the ARM Institute. The ARM Institute is a Department of Defense-funded non-profit that accelerates the advancement of transformative robotic technologies, artificial intelligence, and education to increase U.S. global manufacturing competitiveness. They spun out of Carnegie Mellon University and are a consortium with more than 200 members including Intel, BMW, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Yaskawa, and more.

They discuss the future of automation and advanced robotics, the government’s interest in manufacturing, projects in development, and much more.



Show Notes

  • The Purpose & Beginnings of ARM [2:35]

  • The Consortium Members [5:09]

  • Department of Defense & Other Funding [9:06]

  • Concerns on Militarization of Advanced Robotics & AI [12:15]

  • Projects in Development [15:01]

  • Going from Problems to Solutions (& IP) [20:20]

  • AI vs Robotics [23:50]

  • Project Completion [25:21]

  • Metrics of Success [28:16]

  • Workforce Development & Education [30:06]

  • Standardization in Robotics [33:49]

  • Suzy’s Background in Tech [36:18]

  • Mill 19 & The Pittsburgh Story [39:49]

  • Automation Taking Jobs [46:02]

  • Projects at Mill 19 [50:45]

  • The Future of ARM [52:15]


Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) is the nation’s leading collaborative in robotics and workforce innovation. Structured as a public-private partnership, we accelerate transformative robotic technologies and education to increase U.S. global manufacturing competitiveness. Founded in January 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA by Carnegie Mellon University, and funded by the Department of Defense, ARM is part of the Manufacturing USA® network. Learn more at Note: The ARM headquarters has relocated to Mill 19 A. Our updated main phone number is (412) 785-0444. Our address is: Mill 19 A Suite 200, 4501 Lytle St. Pittsburgh, PA 15207

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