The ARM Institute, in collaboration with the Institute’s Data for Artificial Intelligence Working Group (DAWG), is completing a major, national manufacturing assessment to identify and prioritize the development of guidance, tools and strategies to help improve how manufactures implement and sustain Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) solutions for advanced manufacturing robotic systems.

Companies of all sizes often look to AI/ML and robotics to improve quality, performance, and safety, but often don’t know how to start or maintain these capabilities. This national effort is intended to address these inhibiting factors and inform future investments. 

All assessment respondents will receive the results of this effort. Company and personal information will be kept confidential. Using the resulting report, you can see how your organization’s AI processes compares to others, better understand best practices, and understand where development is still needed.


Take the Assessment

AI and Robotics


1. Why should I participate in this survey?

Keeping your information anonymous, we will share the general results with the public. This will allow you to understand how your organization compares to others across the nation.

Additionally, this is a federally funded effort to advance the state of AI in robotics for manufacturing. Your answers may be used to inform future investments.

2. Who is the ARM Institute?

The ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute is a Manufacturing Innovation Institute (MII) part of the Manufacturing USA Network and funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. As a national Institute, the ARM Institute strengthens U.S. manufacturing through innovations in advanced manufacturing technology, particularly robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), and prepare the workforce to work alongside these technologies. Working across industry, government, and academia, the ARM Institute leverages a robust ecosystem of 340+ organizations spanning industry, government, and academia.

3. How will my responses be used?

Your responses will be aggregated into a public report that will help to inform future investments in AI for robotic manufacturing systems. Your organization and name will not be published.

4. What organizations are part of the Data for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group?

All organizations that participate in our Working Group are part of the ARM Institute membership and, as such, have signed a conflict of interest agreement to protect your organization’s information. Organizations that are represented on the Working Group include: Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), ARIS Technology, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), General Electric Research, Siemens Technology, and Ready Robotics.