Opportunity: Study on Robotics & Computer Vision in Factory Settings

Intel is looking to hear from experts who are working to drive robotics and computer vision into the factory and throughout the supply chain. If you are a manufacturing professional or an external provider of smart industrial products or services related to robotics or computer vision, Intel wants to hear from you!

The Association for Advancing Automation and Intel Corporation are collaborating on several studies about obstacles and opportunities with IoT and industrial transformation. Intel is currently recruiting for a mobile research study on the Dscout platform as well as 90-minute interviews. Participation in one or both each comes with a $300 incentive. Participants also gain early access to the public reporting. For an example of what Intel publicly releases, see the included links below about a study Intel did last year as well as a short blurb on the privacy practices. To learn more or to volunteer, email the research lead, Faith McCreary: [email protected]. You can also contact Ryan Astor, Member Relationship Manager, at ARM for more information.

If you participate, Intel will ask you to refrain from revealing any personal or proprietary information. At any point in your participation, you will have the right without negative consequences to ask questions, decline to answer, amend, recall or correct any information. Intel will then remove personal and company identifiable names from the data and assign you an anonymous participant ID. The information that you provide will only be viewed directly by the research team and no one else. The fact that you participated or did not participate will not be shared or confirmed with anyone outside of the research team. Research report-outs will not include any information that can be tied back to you or your company.



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