This project builds on the outputs from another ARM-funded project to continue taking the next steps towards re-shoring garment manufacturing through robotic solutions.


This project team will focus on developing robotic capabilities to perform bottom hemming, the process of performing a circular stitch at the bottom of the T-shirt. This project will also build upon a previously funded ARM project, ultimately resulting in the use of a bimanual robot to pick up a garment from a stack, dynamically readjust its shape, and then insert it into an automatic bottom hemmer. In addition to the technology capabilities, the project team will focus on workforce development aspects to enable operators to easily operate and maintain the system.


The ability for robots to handle compliant garments is a critical barrier to using robots in garment manufacturing and revolutionizing this trillion dollar industry. Current processes for bottom hemming are labor-intensive and completed overseas where labor is less expensive. This project team seeks to continue building on prior ARM project achievements in garment manufacturing to help the U.S. compete globally and empower the national workforce to re-shore garment production.

Technical Approach

The team will build on existing IP from another ARM-funded project. The team will use a bimanual robot for pick up a garment from a stack, readjust its shape, and insert it into a bottom hemmer.


Lead: Siemens Technology Partners: University of Southern California, Henderson Sewing, Black Swan Textiles, United Sewing Automation