This project builds upon previously funded ARM work in the area of robotic sewing, allowing manufacturers more quickly and safely produce PPE., including masks and hospital gowns.

This technology project was selected from a Project Call focused on catalyzing solutions to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare the United States and Department of Defense to respond to future pandemics. This project specifically addresses PPE production and seeks to catalyze solutions that could re-shore apparel manufacturing in the U.S.


Most apparel manufacturing is done abroad, which leads to lengthy supply chains. This supply chain issue poses a significant risk, as seen when the U.S. struggled to scale up production of PPE. This project team will leverage results from a previously funded ARM project to expand upon it by delivering a modular work-cell that can be configured to perform end to end automated assembly of PPEs, such as isolation gowns.


Spur automated solutions in robotic sewing, specifically to more quickly and safely manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE).

Technical Approach

This project builds upon a previously funded ARM technology project and addressing ARM’s strategic technical focus area for Reconfigurable Robotic Systems.


Siemens Technology (PI) Partners: Sewbo, Henderson Sewing, ISAIC, Bluewater Defense