This projects lays a critical foundation for lifelong STEM learning by introducing K-12 students to real-world applications in STEM


Studies indicate that by the conclusion of eighth grade, students have decided whether to pursue a traditional high school education or incorporate technical training into their high school curriculum. This project exposes students to the advantages of technical training by offering after-school and summer programs for middle school and high school students. By creating opportunities for students to explore real-world applications of STEM conceptions, this program will combat prior negative interactions (i.e. poor grades, difficulty grasping concepts, etc.) students may have encountered with STEM in school.


Provide an environment for students to explore real-world STEM applications.

Technical Approach

K-12 STEM education


Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Principal Investigator), Quinsigamond Community College, MassMEP, MassRobotics, Worcester Chamber of Commerce