This project aims to enable a human-robot team for handling, placing, and conforming tasks.


This project combines control technologies and task planning, allowing a human-robot team to better manipulate large composite sheets. The process will involve lifting, transporting, and completing the conforming process with the human-robot team interacting in an intuitive way to accomplish complex manufacturing tasks. The technology advancements generated from this project are key enablers for cobotic applications with complex task sets.


Automate the manipulation of composite materials through human-robot collaboration integration.

Technical Approach

This project will focus on four primary technical objectives:

  • Force control of sheet handling between a human and robot system
  • Sheet drape control during placement and conforming
  • Trajectory planning of robot during various layup tasks
  • Robotic task adjustment through human gestures


Boeing (Principal Investigator), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Southern California