This project aims to cut down on the expense involved with surface processing through an automated system that can be deployed across various industries.


Current surface processes for aerospace and defense are highly complex, frequently poor yield, and require long and expensive development and qualification processes, all of which contribute to high development, production and deployed system maintenance costs. The project team is working to develop a robotic system for monitoring thermomechanical surface processes of advanced composite materials. By combining in-situ sensing, simulation, and robot motion, the technology can be applied across many applications and industries.


Develop a smart, highly automated surface processing system of advanced composite materials.

Technical Approach

This project will on the following developments:

  • Integrating IR camera measurements with thermomechanical model
  • Processing uncertainty awareness
  • Developing information-theoretic robot path-planning and control algorithms
  • Implementing as hardware-in-the-loop system with virtual surface treatment process
  • Innovations in non-prescribed path-planning and robot control


Siemens (Principal Investigator), Lockheed Martin, UC Berkeley