This project aims to make wire harness installation, currently a highly manual and time-consuming process, 10% faster.


This project aims to automate wire harnessing through the development of a system that can hold, position, and guide the wire harness while being installed in an enclosure. The system will also ensure that connections are made in the correct order by pointing to connectors/wires and their corresponding terminals. The resulting system will enable a wilder range of wire harness installation conditions, additionally, the system will have a workforce component that will allow for training of inexperienced workers to occur 10% faster.


Complete initial wire harness installation 10% faster. Complete any required rework activities 10% faster. Train unskilled or inexperienced workers 10% faster.

Technical Approach

This project aims to develop a robot-assisted wire harness installation system that augments human cognitive and physical abilities to improve accuracy, reduce risk of injury, and lower overall production cost. The project outputs are expected to include:

  • Control algorithms
  • Findings related to the mechanics and control of highly non-linear harnesses
  • Characteristics documented of man-robot interactions
  • Mechanisms developed to support identification and marking systems used for robot-assisted harness installation


QinetiQ North America (Principal Investigator), MIT, Raytheon, MassRobotics, GE Global Research