This project seek to allow greater adoption of copper coated surfaces, which kill coronaviruses like the COVID-19 pandemic.


This project was funded through the ARM Institute’s COVID-19 focused Project Call held in partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense.


Copper-coated surfaces have the ability to kill the coronaviruses like COVID-19 and others. This project seeks to enable the robotic cold spraying of copper to allow wider adoption of copper surfaces.

Technical Approach

Copper-coated surfaces rapidly kill coronaviruses like COVID-19, but these have not been widely manufactured due to low demand. However, the pandemic has highlighted the need for self-disinfecting surfaces. Robotic cold spraying of copper will enable rapid production to meet the new demand. Wide adoption of copper-coated surfaces will reduce the spread of COVID-19 without the need for frequent cleaning. The robotic application of copper coating will improve the manufacturability of these parts. This project will develop a robotic anti-microbial copper application system (cold spray),  integrating a scanner and developing an automated path generation and QA tools to apply the copper coating to components like a doorknob, hospital bench, cart, handrail, etc. 


Principal Investigator: Siemens Corporation Corporate TechnologiesProject Team: VRC Metals System