AGVs can be critical assets to human workers, but their use is currently limited due to safety concerns. This project seeks to improve human and object sensing in AGVs to make them safer.


This project seeks to leverage advancements in sensors, edge intelligence, robotics, and fail-safe controls to ensure the safety of human workers around their robotic counterparts, specifically AGVs. Current AGVs are limited to moving on a pre-defined path in a highly controlled manner, limiting real-time decision-making opportunities for human counterparts. This project team aims to improve human sensing and perception in AGVs, allowing for wider and safer applications.


Improve general safety for humans working around AGVs through advancements in human sensing and perception so that AGVs can more safely and efficiently complete tasks.

Technical Approach

The expected project outputs include:

  • Safety enhanced AGV prototype
  • AGV control system module
  • Software bundle of human and object detection algorithms
  • Speaker/microphone and visible light projection bundle to interact with humans
  • Software library that performs SLAM style functions
  • Dynamic safety assured AGV control
  • AGV look-ahead planning/re-planning


Siemens (PI), Fori Automation, Boeing