This project seeks to decrease the time and costs associated with connectivity and interoperability


The cost of programming, commissioning, and maintaining robotic systems remains a key inhibitor for widespread adoption. Additionally, the integration of the robot with other automation equipment remains a difficult and expensive process. This project focuses on the development of a gateway for plug-and-play communication and interoperability between OPC-UA, MTConnect, and DDS based devices, currently the standards for automation equipment and cloud and simulation platforms.


Develop of a gateway plug-and-play communication between robot, automation systems, simulators, and cloud platforms to decrease costs and time to implement.

Technical Approach

Developed CDIP will focus on connectivity and interoperability. The Gateway will be built upon open standards to ensure that it is vendor neutral.

  • Development of OPC-UA/DDS Gateway that allows host of robotics and automation devices to connect seamlessly
  • Improve ROS2 DDS integration to fully realized ROS2 potential and support legacy ROS 1 systems
  • Enable task-based interoperability through MTConnect integration
  • Integrate gateway with simulation and cloud platforms


Siemens (Principal Investigator), Keba Corporation, Real Time Innovations, Southwest Research Institute, Yaskawa