Nearly half of all manufacturers haven't adopted any form of robotics technology. This project seeks to minimize the risk of adopting robotics through the development of a set of assessment tools and methods.


Due to the cost and perceived risk with implementing robotics, advocates are often putting their reputations on the line when advocating for adopting robotics in manufacturing processes. This project seeks to minimize risk to manufacturers by improving upon methods and tools for evaluating manufacturing readiness levels for robotic applications. The expected project outputs include an expert-system-based software platform that identifies the key robotics parameters for a given manufacturing process and suggest solutions.


Empower American manufacturers to evaluate robotic solutions and better implement the right solution for a given manufacturing process.

Technical Approach

This project is expected to culminate in the creation of a software platform that will host a set of methods and tools for evaluating robotic solutions and matching a given manufacturing process with the best available technology.


Schlumberger Technology Corporation (PI), Rochester Institute of Technology, Association for Advancing Automation