This project uses an earn-while-you-learn apprenticeship model that alleviates the financial risk involved in upskilling and retraining.


This apprenticeship program centers on the earn-while-you-learn model with an industry partner sponsoring the participant’s training and paying their salary through the completion of the program. This project addresses the fact that many employers will have to upskill their workers in preparation for Industry 4.0 and gives employers a pathway to training workers who are already proven. The pilot program focuses on training in mechatronics, a fast-growing skill in the manufacturing industry. Training for mechatronics is easily transportable because there are no requirements for high voltage electricity. The training units from this program can even be deployed in a conference room.


Make technical training more attainable through an earn-while-you-learn model, addressing the concern that participants would lose money while pursuing training.

Technical Approach

Apprenticeship program, earn-while-you-learn model.


The Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM) (Principal Investigator), Old Dominion University