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We don’t think it would be a stretch to say that advanced robotics is one of the most fascinating topics in modern technology. Robots are basically redefining industry at this very moment, working alongside their operators on manufacturing floors all around the world. 

So why does a recent report by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte suggest that over half of the estimated 4.6 million open manufacturing jobs over the next decade will remain unfilled? Well, it’s a matter of training workers

Both sides of the equation want the same thing. Manufacturers need trained employees to operate, program, install, and design advanced robotics systems. On the other hand, millions of people who work with machinery and engineering-adjacent operations would love the opportunity to start a career path in robotics, but they feel that there may be an educational barrier holding them back. 

So the problem lies simply in connecting those people to the resources they need to find their way into the robotics workforce. Luckily, is built around doing exactly that. 

Using the search bar on the home page is the perfect way to find local resources and programs that will get you on the track to a career in advanced robotics!

Education Seeker Use Case – Sam 

Sam has been working with engines his whole life. He builds them, he takes them apart, he modifies them. One day, he reads an article about a local manufacturer installing a new robotics system in their plant that automates a lot of their processes. “Wow, that’s cool,” he thinks. 

Sam has the idea that maybe he would be a perfect fit for working with robots like those he read about. He finds and sees that big search engine at the top of the page. 

“Keywords,” he reads aloud. What is it he’s looking to learn about? Sam enters “robotics” into the field. 

Under “Search Type”, Sam sees that he can choose between “Program” and “Organization.” Since he is looking specifically for a program that will train him in the skills he needs to work with robots, Sam selects “Program.”

Sam lives in Pittsburgh, so he scrolls to “Pennsylvania” for his state and then selects Pittsburgh. Then Sam crosses his fingers and clicks on the Search button. 

“Wow! Over twenty results,” thinks Sam. There, at the very top of the list is an Associate’s Degree program for Manufacturing Technology at his local community college. That’s perfect for Sam because he wasn’t feeling quite ready to commit to a 4-year degree program at a more expensive college.

The program description also details the skills and competencies that Sam will learn and sharpen, and that this two-year degree will integrate well with his already established understanding of mechanics. 

Sam clicks “Learn More” and is taken to the program page on the community college website. Voila! Sam is on the path to an amazing career in robotics. 

Suitable for All Levels of Education 

The Robotics Career search tool is able to connect prospective advanced robotics workers with thousands of educational and training programs around the country. 

While many of these programs are built for Bachelor or Master’s degrees, others are focused on Associate’s degrees or certifications that take two or less years to achieve. In many cases, especially for robotics technician jobs, heavy academic education isn’t as important as hands-on training and previous experience with mechanics. 

Of course, for the individual looking to progress as far into the world of robotics education as possible, the Robotics Career search tool is equally up to the task. 

The Two-Step Bridge

People want to work in robotics, so the potential workforce is there. Manufacturers need people to work with their robotics, so the jobs are there is devoted to providing the bridge to connect the two. Step one is informing the potential workforce that the training is well within their grasp without having to go into crushing student debts or devote years of their lives to education. 

Step two is connecting those who are interested in training programs to begin their careers using the Education Seeker search tool. We don’t see any reason for a job shortage in what is proving to be one of the most exciting fields out there today. Welcome to Industry 4.0. 

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