This project creates an interface that those with little to no robotics training can use, creating a pathway from manual tasks to more engaging, meaningful work


This project focuses on a user-friendly AR interface that will allow human operators with limited education on robotics programming to program and operate robotic processes for parts maintenance. The team is working to empower workers by supporting the worker transition from menial tasks to robotic operation with limited training needed to make the change. This will build upon an existing talented workforce base while implementing automation to improve accuracy and lower costs.


Create a user-friendly system that will increase productivity while creating a pathway for workers to move from manual work to more critical tasks. The interface will allow those with little to no robotics training to operate the system.

Technical Approach

This project will use augmented reality to allow operators make custom selection of areas for processing. The system will generate the tool path while the operator edits and approves the path.


Boeing Research & Technology (PI) Partners: Siemens, Southwest Research Institute, rpGatta, FANUC America