Engineer Showing Apprentice How To Use CNC Tool Making Machine

Solving the Skills Gap

We haven’t succeeded in strengthening American manufacturing if we haven’t created opportunities for a more developed, diverse workforce to manage, design, and build the future with all the technological advantages that robotics provides.

Studies have shown that robotics helps to place workers in high-value manufacturing careers, however, a report by The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte found that 4.6 million jobs will need to be filled in the U.S. manufacturing over the next decade, and 2.4 million jobs may be left open due to a lack of trained workers. The ARM Institute is working to solve this issue through dedicated Education & Workforce Development Project Calls and  RoboticsCareer.org, a new national resource that connects workers with vetted training opportunities in robotics in manufacturing.

RoboticsCareer.org, a national capability

RoboticsCareer.org is powered by the ARM Institute. The ARM Institute created this national capability in collaboration with government, industry, and academia to connect civilians and military personnel with the industry-vetted training needed for high-value robotics careers in manufacturing.

  • Education Seekers: Find industry-vetted training for a robotics career in manufacturing and search based on location, delivery method, and other criteria
  • Education Providers: Get your program in front of eager education seekers at no cost on RoboticsCareer.org. Apply for ARM Endorsement to receive priority listing.
  • Employers: Find training to upskill your workforce and learn which robotics position(s) fit your organization’s needs.


Through comprehensive roadmapping efforts, our dedicated education and workforce development (EWD) team has identified the following challenges as areas of high-priority need:

  • U.S. Education Support for Advanced Manufacturing Careers
  • Negative Perceptions Surrounding Careers in Manufacturing
  • Limited Resources
  • Readiness of Manufacturing Workforce for Continuous Re-Skilling
  • Little Coordination Between Initiatives
  • Regional Skill Gaps

The need for skilled Industry 4.0 employees has never been greater. RoboticsCareer.org the only national resource that highlights training that has been vetted by industry experts and is proven to give you the skills you need for a career in robotics for manufacturing. Whether you are looking to advance your skills, those of your employees, or have a program to offer – your journey starts at RoboticsCareer.org.