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U.S. manufacturers are facing a historic workforce shortage. A recent report found that the manufacturing industry has more than 500,000 job opening today for both entry-level and experienced workers. A May 2021 joint study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute estimates that as many as 2.1 million manufacturing jobs will be unfilled through 2030, potentially costing the U.S. economy $1 trillion.

The ARM Institute was created and is funded by the Department of Defense to take on this challenge and strengthen the U.S. industrial base. Since the institute’s inception in 2017, the ARM Institute has worked with its 300+ members spanning industry, government, and academia to spur robotics innovations and workforce solutions., our national manufacturing workforce resource

The Institute’s research found that defining the skills needed for a robotics career in manufacturing and demystifying training opportunities would be a key enabling solution to the workforce shortage and skills gap. The ARM Institute has addressed this need through a new national capability, connects education seekers and manufacturers looking to upskill their workforce with education opportunities that directly align with the industry-identified skills needed for the three primary robotics careers in manufacturing: the robotics technician, the robotics specialist, and the robotics integrator.

Today, has close to 10,000 programs representing more than 1,000 organizations from across the United States and U.S territories. It includes programs ranging from high school STEM and micro-credentials all the way through to PhD degrees, delivered onsite, online or in hybrid formats.


Our May 2021 webinar, available to watch above, outlines how this national resource will empower workers, manufacturers, and training providers alike to strengthen U.S. manufacturing. The webinar goes in-depth on the research behind the creation of, how the new ARM Endorsement program works to identify the most effective training program for robotics careers in manufacturing, how we will continue building on the resource, and more.

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The ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute is a Manufacturing USA® Institute sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense under Agreement Number W911NF-17-3-0004. The ARM Institute leverages a unique, robust and diverse ecosystem of consortium members and partners across industry, academia and government to make robotics, autonomy and artificial intelligence more accessible to U.S. manufacturers large and small, train and empower the manufacturing workforce, strengthen our economy and global competitiveness, and elevate national security and resilience.  Based in Pittsburgh, PA since 2017, the ARM Institute is leading the way to a future where people & robots work together to respond to our nation’s greatest challenges and to produce the world’s most desired products. For more information, visit and follow the ARM Institute on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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